Newswire: TLC has yet to cancel 19 Kids And Counting, believe it or not

As viewers reacted in shock to each horrifying detail that emerged in the case of semi-repentant confessed child molester/reality TV star Josh Duggar, it was easy to overlook one frustrating detail: That TLC, the network that made Duggar and his family famous, didn’t actually cancel their show. Yes, it did pull all scheduled episodes of 19 Kids And Counting from its lineup, but failed to take the decisive step of actually removing the Duggars’ public platform. Compare this to TLC’s other reality-TV child molestation case, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, which was officially canceled the day after TLC was forced to respond to reports that family matriarch Mama June was dating a man convicted of molesting one of her relatives.

So what’s the difference here, besides that Josh Duggar was never convicted of his alleged crimes? (You can thank the Arkansas state trooper who let him …

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