Newswire: Titus Andronicus announces spring tour with The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn

Titus Andronicus, punk rock’s favorite group of Shakespeare players/disgruntled New Jersey residents, is going on tour. The band will presumably be performing a lot of highlights from The Most Lamentable Tragedy, the huge 93-minute concept album about manic depression that it released back in July (which was way more awesome than that description probably makes it sound). This comes from Pitchfork, which notes that The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn will be opening for the band for all but the first show on the tour. Maybe Finn has something against Webster Hall in New York?

Also, Titus Andronicus has posted a new remix of “Fired Up” on its Soundcloud that replaces its rad guitars with a touching orchestra arrangement. The combination is a little weird when singer Patrick Stickles really kicks in the screaming vocals, but it works a lot better that you’d think. The song will …

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