Newswire: Tinder may be eliminating the home-team advantage for NBA players

Road teams in the NBA have a new secret weapon up their sleeves, and it’s not a nicely toasted PB&J. just posted a new article about home-team advantage—the very real statistical effect that once gave players playing in their own stadiums a 65 percent chance of winning a game—and why it’s declined over the last two decades. The most recent proposed reason? Tinder.

“The NBA player staring at a 9:30 a.m. team breakfast in a hotel conference room the morning of the game can now log seven or eight hours of z’s and still enjoy a tryst,” writes analyst Tom Haberstroh, noting that some players even arrange to leave keys at the front desk so that their online paramours can be there waiting in their hotel rooms when they arrive in town. Put simply, the days of NBA superstars killing their …

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