Newswire: Tinder introduces verified profiles, making it easier to be rejected by celebrities

Tinder, the hookup app posing as a dating app, was once simply a tool to meet nice folks who require “100 roses” an hour to go out on a date for some reason. Now, the creators of the popular app are making it easier for Hollywood types to swipe right on a Friday night with the introduction of verified profiles. Mashable reports that Tinder’s verification, which rolled out Tuesday, “will take the form of a small blue checkmark which appears next to a user’s name and age on his or her profile.”

Since Tinder requires a Facebook account to log in, this made signing up to Tinder difficult for celebrities, as most famous folk don’t have a personal Facebook page or utilize the social media site under a nom de plume, resulting in fewer matches for lonely millionaires as other users tend to think their profiles are …

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