Newswire: Timeshares pay homage to The Replacements with “Spend The Night”

Though it started as a gruff pop-punk band, over the course of five years New York’s Timeshares slowly transformed into a leaner version of Lucero. On its Side One Dummy debut Already Dead, due out on April 28, the band makes the most of that comparison. As punky as they are twangy, Timeshares let a song like “Spend The Night” overflow with burly melodies until its two sides become unified. The A.V. Club is premiering the video for “Spend The Night,” which pays homage to The Replacements’ classic video for “Bastards Of Young.” As a vinyl copy of Already Dead spins on a turntable various cups, bottles, and cigarettes enter the frame, and though it doesn’t culminate in a kicked-in speaker, all those drinks suggest there will be a drunken soreness hanging around the next morning.

Pre-orders for Already Dead are available now in Side One Dummy …

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