Newswire: Ticketmaster accused of hacking into rivals’ databases to steal their client lists

Ticketmaster is sort of the supervillain of the online music ticketing world. You don’t automatically believe everything people accuse them of doing, but you’re also not super-quick to rule anything out. Like, say, hiring an executive from a rival ticketing firm, only to use his access to the company’s record systems to hack their databases and undercut their deals.

That’s exactly what the Live Nation subsidiary is being accused of today, in an amended complaint from merged ticketing companies CrowdSurge and Songkick. Songkick—which operates on a model allowing artists to sell tickets directly to consumers—sued Ticketmaster over monopolistic business practices back in 2015. During discovery on that trial, the company learned that CrowdSurge’s former general manager, Stephen Mead, had kept more than 85,000 files related to the company on his laptop after he left, eventually using them when he was hired by …

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