Newswire: Those fake 22 Jump Street sequels are part of the 23 Jump Street “canon”

If 21 Jump Street was a big-screen reboot that made in-movie jabs at reboots, and 22 Jump Street was a sequel that poked fun at sequels, 22‘s closing montage of sequel posters was a delicious send-up of elaborate franchise road maps spitting out increasingly derivative iterations. Now those increasingly derivative iterations will actually take place within the reality that is Jump Street, according to /Film.

Speaking at WonderCon during a panel for their Fox comedy Last Man On Earth, Jump Street franchise producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller made it clear that those credit bumpers weren’t just a fun, disposable gag; they were real. “The sequels are canon,” Lord said, confirming both the gag sequels’ canonical status, and the fact that 21 Jump Street films should be looked at as having a canon, a device usually reserved for detail-oriented people to suck the fun out of things like …

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