Newswire: Thor: Ragnarok invites a Planet Hulk character to the end of the world

Taika Waititi’s foray into the Marvel Cinematic Universe has come to an end, as filming wraps on Thor: Ragnarok. This Hulk-centric entry in the Thor canon certainly appears to have taken some detours from the previous films—with What We Do In The ShadowsWaititi at the helm, it’s already poised to be much more lighthearted than Thor: The Dark World, for one. And, as we’ve previously reported, the new film will have a buddy/road-trip comedy vibe, as well as that long-awaited Jeff Goldblum and Sam Neill reunion.

But Waititi hasn’t forgotten what “Ragnarok” means: He’s brought Cate Blanchett on to give ’em Hela as the first lead female villain in the MCU, and it also looks like he’s added an antagonist for Mean Green. Just yesterday, the director took fans on a Marvel-sanctioned Facebook Live video tour of the set on his …

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