Newswire: Thom Yorke crashes garden party, plays half-hour acoustic set

Everybody loves a good garden party, what with the little sandwiches, the pastel-colored shorts, and the colorful paper lanterns hung from trees, but even the best garden party could be improved by the addition of a sullen English guy playing alternative rock tunes on a guitar. Apparently, that’s the sort of thing that can happen when you live near Thom Yorke, because Rolling Stone is reporting that he recently showed up in his neighbor’s yard during a party to play some acoustic songs while he “sipped from a champagne flute and bobbed his head to the beat.” Who knew Yorke was such a chill dude?

A YouTube user known as Doctor Tchock has uploaded a pair of videos featuring Yorke playing “Reckoner,” and it looks like it must’ve been a perfectly delightful little shindig. We don’t know what other songs he played or how much of …

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