Newswire: This week’s Jeopardy! college contestants are there thanks to crazy rules

Say what you will about Jeopardy!, at least it’s a meritocracy. Contestants have roughly 22 minutes to prove their mettle, via two rounds of categories and a final question that combines smarts and a sense of calculating number bets that will either put you on top or send you home with a nice array of complimentary Sunny Delight bottles. Only, it turns out that’s not really the case when you get down to brass question-asking tacks. Thanks to an insanely close competition this year, this week’s college Jeopardy! contestants were selected according to a ridiculously arcane series of rules.

Now normally, the people chosen to go to the semi-final rounds are the five winners of the games from the first week, plus the four highest point-earners from every game. (The semi-final rounds are from Monday to Wednesday, meaning five winners—plus four others—equals the total contestants …

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