Newswire: This really is “The End” for Penny Dreadful

[This article deals heavily in spoilers about last night’s season three finale of Penny Dreadful. Proceed at your own risk, much as if you were walking down a dark Victorian alleyway under a full moon.]

Last’s night’s season three finale of Penny Dreadful concluded with an old-fashioned title card announcing “The End,” and Variety‘s new Q&A with series creator John Logan and Showtime president David Nevins confirms that they weren’t kidding. Vanessa Ives really is dead—come on guys, this isn’t Game Of Thrones—and the show won’t be coming back. There’s “no doubt“ in Logan’s mind that Penny Dreadful is done: “Some poems are meant to be haikus, some are meant to be sonnets and some are meant to be tone poems. And this was meant to be a sonnet. It just feels right to me,” he says.

Aside from …

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