Newswire: This My Boyfriend Is A Bear exclusive debuts an adorable interspecies rom-com

Dating is hard, and sometimes the perfect mate can come from the most unlikely of places. After being consistently let down by the dating scene, 28-year-old Nora found the best boyfriend she could ask for while hiking through the Los Angeles hills, but it’s not a conventional romance. Nora’s new man is a 500-pound American black bear, and their love is the subject of a new graphic novel debuting next year from Oni Press: My Boyfriend Is A Bear. Written by Pamela Ribon with art by Cat Ferris, MBIAB is a light-hearted, very cute romantic comedy about the ups and downs of dating someone that may not by typical boyfriend material, but has a big heart.

“I was a few months into dating a man when I realized I was dating a bear,” says Ribon. “He was messy and a little louder than I was accustomed to, having …

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