Newswire: This Mother Panic #5 exclusive delves deeper into Violet’s tragic past

Young Animal’s Mother Panic is DC’s first Mature Readers comic entirely set in Gotham City, and it’s offering a very different take on the Gotham vigilante. Like Bruce Wayne, Violet Paige is a wealthy socialite that suffered a childhood trauma, but unlike Bruce, Violet was directly responsible for the death of her father and intensely suffered for it afterward. Violet’s experience in the “experimental school” Gather House has left emotional scars that writer Jody Houser is just beginning to explore in this series, and in this new arc, Violet comes face-to-face with another Gather House alumni: the unsettlingly gorgeous villain named Pretty. Rather than finding a new rival, Violet sees a kindred spirit in Pretty, and the two of them have begun a tenuous partnership built on their shared trauma.

This second arc of Mother Panic welcomes a new art team with artist Shawn Crystal and …

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