Newswire: This Green Lanterns #26 exclusive delves deeper into the rings’ mythology

Writer Sam Humphries’ run on Green Lanterns has done strong work juggling emotional character moments and rousing cosmic action while exploring the larger Green Lantern mythos, and he’s successfully tapped into the full scope of one of DC Comics’ most sprawling concepts. Working with the newest Green Lanterns of Earth, Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz, Humphries has significantly fleshed out the personalities of the rookie superheroes and created a firm bond between the partners. There’s been major growth in their relationship over the course of the book’s first year, and they’ve come to rely on each other for much-needed support when the stress of their job becomes too much to bear. They’re going to need to work together to get out of their current predicament, which has them stranded between dimensions after a climactic showdown with the book’s big bad: Volthoom, The First Lantern …

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