Newswire: This Clue #1 exclusive begins a murder mystery by breaking the fourth wall

The Hasbro board game Clue has been adapted for other media in the past with the 1985 cult classic film, and it’s the basis for another new story courtesy of IDW, the comics publisher with a long-standing relationship with Hasbro. Written by Paul Allor with artwork by Nelson Daniel, the new Clue miniseries follows the general conceit of the board game—a group of people gather at an opulent mansion, where they each become suspects when their host is murdered—but Allor adds a humorous twist to the action by having the butler, Upton, aware that they are all in a comic book. This exclusive preview of next week’s Clue #1 opens with Upton commenting on Daniel’s ominous rendering of Mr. Boddy’s mansion, and he continues to break the fourth wall as he explains to the reader that these characters aren’t aware that they’re …

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