Newswire: This Black Bolt #1 exclusive traps the Inhuman king in a cosmic prison

Marvel is putting a lot of effort into making the Inhumans a compelling property, and after a lackluster few years of Inhuman stories, the publisher is trying a new direction for these characters. The Inhuman royal family has taken to the stars in the Royals ongoing series, but one prominent member is missing: Black Bolt, the former Inhuman king. That’s because he’s currently serving time in a mysterious cosmic prison, the setting for a new Black Bolt solo series written by Saladin Ahmed with art by Christian Ward. Ahmed is a novelist and poet making his comic-book debut with this series, and he’s developed a concept that brings out the vulnerability of one of Marvel’s most powerful characters. Bound, chained, and muzzled with no idea where he is or how he got there, Black Bolt is a pale shadow of his former self, and this exclusive …

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