Newswire: Third Man Records & Light In The Attic released a kids’ compilation album

If the kids in your life already have dominion over your music streaming apps, you will soon be able to shift their obsession over to your vinyl collection. Jack White’s Third Man Records and Seattle-based A Light In The Attic Records have teamed up on an exclusive kids’ compilation album. Their goal is to “show impressionable, young minds the virtues of good music and vinyl records,” because it’s never too early to (try to) instill impeccable tastes in your offspring.

The album, “This Book Belongs To ____________”, was inspired by the Little Golden Books series and Sesame Street’s “In Harmony” albums. The record will be accompanied by an original storybook by Brooklyn illustrator Jess Rotter, which will tell the tale of a mysterious, flat disc found by forest animals. So your children will learn about records while listening to one.

The tracks were selected and sequenced by …

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