Newswire: Things got a little uncomfortable when NBC had to discuss Bill Cosby

One of the key talking points at NBC’s TCA presentation today was the network’s struggle to rebuild its comedy lineup—this after a string of high-profile failures involving returning network stars. And naturally, those hardly compare to the highest-profile failure involving a network star, one that didn’t even get the chance to disappoint: the new Bill Cosby family sitcom NBC had latched onto as a cornerstone of that reconstruction, only to have to tear it down in the wake of Cosby’s multiple allegations of sexual assault.

Today, even network entertainment chair Robert Greenblatt had Cosby on his mind, reportedly kicking things off by joking, “I want to start off with an announcement—we are developing a comedy with Bill Cosby and a miniseries about Hillary Clinton,” naming two big projects that were previewed at the last TCAs, and that have since been scrapped in the wake …

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