Newswire: They’re making another Machete movie, apparently

Machete, the film series willed into existence by the world’s collective love for Danny Trejo, might be finally getting its long-anticipated third installment. Several years ago, Robert Rodriguez—the man who was able to capture the feeling people get when they see Trejo make a cameo in something and then turn it into a series of films—mentioned a few years ago that the third film (after Machete and Machete Kills) would be Machete Kills Again…In Space, and it looks like that’s still the plan.

Speaking with Halloween Daily News, Trejo revealed that he and Rodriguez are going to start “working on” the next Machete movie this year, although it’s not clear if “working on” means filming the movie or just coming up with a list of celebrities they’d like to see get killed in it. Also, Trejo referred to this project as Machete Kills …

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