Newswire: They Might Be Giants officially relaunched Dial-A-Song today

The nice thing about bands that have their shit together is that they tend to be true to their word. And sure enough, They Might Be Giants have kicked off 2015 by fulfilling a previously announced promise to once more bring the magic of Dial-A-Song to the world, all year long.

Dial-A-Song’s first incarnation, which lasted from from 1983-2006, was a phone number fans could call to hear covers, rarities, and unreleased tracks by the band. In its new form, it has taken primarily to the Internet, where you can head over to every Tuesday to hear a new ditty. (Each song will also be available for purchase via iTunes and other sites, or for $30 to have all 52 tracks emailed to you on a weekly basis.) The latest release, “Erase,” has a sprightly accompanying video, though it’s not clear if that will always …

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