Newswire: These Disney drones are totally harmless, nothing to fear at all

The idea of unmanned aerial vehicles hovering over Walt Disney World en masse is enough to create a profound feeling of unease. But relax, everybody. It’s just part of the fun. In its estimable wisdom, the FAA has granted Disney a four-year permit to deploy drones at its theme parks. By the end of this month, the drones will be incorporated into a holiday-themed, nighttime lighting display at Disney Springs, an outdoor shopping center at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. There’s already a teaser video for it on YouTube.

Though this is all meant to be whimsical, there is something undeniably unsettling about it, too. The drones are controlled by a team of technicians in a NASA-like control room that could be thousands of miles away. Yes, they’re creating Christmas magic, but they could also be calling in an airstrike. And then the drones themselves hover …

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