Newswire: These are the new Batman V. Superman pics, and they’re chock-full of glower

Folks are getting pretty excited for the upcoming trial of the century, Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice (not to be confused with the other trial of the century, which recently concluded). Despite a distinctly lukewarm reaction to the trailer, there’s still a guarded optimism that maybe this could possibly be good. (“Possibly good?” would make a fitting pull quote for director Zack Snyder’s last superhero outing, Man Of Steel, given its contentious reception.) So the internet went a little bananas for the new photos Entertainment Weekly posted today, which include such exciting images as Batman and Superman just glowering the hell out of it. Glower power.

You can see the rest of the photos here. Additionally, the stars of the film took time out of their busy grimacing schedules to chat about the new movie. Snyder, for instance, reveals the origin of the film in a scene …

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