Newswire: There’s a Saturday Night Live documentary coming to theaters in June

Saturday Night Live fans whose hunger for sketch-based nostalgia wasn’t sated by February’s SNL 40 media blitz will be in luck come June, because that’s when a new documentary covering the history of Lorne Michaels’ pop culture juggernaut is set for release. Titled Live From New York!, Bao Nguyen’s movie shares a name with Tom Shales’ classic 2002 oral history of the show, but there doesn’t seem to be an official connection between the two. Instead, the coincidence presumably stems from the fact that there are only a few notable phrases that stretch across SNL’s entire 40-year history, and Jane, You Ignorant Slut: A Documentary just wouldn’t scan as well.

Nguyen’s film will feature archival footage and interviews with SNL cast members and recurring guests, including Tiny Fey, Amy Poehler, John Goodman, and Alec Baldwin. That line-up suggests that the film will …

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