Newswire: There’s a petition to get Deadpool to host Saturday Night Live

Chalk up another win for America’s most popular jackass. (Sorry, Steve-O.) After a box-office demolishing opening weekend, Deadpool, Marvel’s most beloved mercenary who is not legally permitted to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is going from popular comic book character to iconic movie role. And now, he’s being asked to make the jump to live TV star as well. There’s currently a petition to have the character host Saturday Night Live—and just to be clear, it’s to get Ryan-Reynolds-as-Deadpool, not Ryan Reynolds, to host. If successful, it would mark the second time a massive internet campaign to nominate a host was successful, after the 2010 movement that ended in Reynolds hosting the show as his beloved role of “Betty White.”

At present, the petition is fewer than 100 signatures away from its original goal of 25,000, meaning the goalpost …

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