Newswire: There will be a mobile Avatar game for you to quickly forget all about

Doing his part to fight entropy, the director of Avatar has continually upped the ante on its sequels, slowly promising more and more content set on the alien world of Pandora. Most recently, this has meant Ladies Love Cool James Cameron announcing he was expanding the number of sequels from three to four, meaning you’ll have Avatar movies coming at you through 2023, all in a bid to briefly enrapture your imagination, before you then resume living your life just as you had previously. And now, there will be even more ways to experience the fleeting entertainment value of Cameron’s universe, as The Associated Press reports there will soon be a mobile game based on the world of Avatar, set for release prior to the upcoming sequels.

Game studio Kabam, responsible for the mildly diverting enjoyment to be found in the mobile game adaptations of the Fast And …

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