Newswire: There will be a fifth season of Girls

There’s good news, more good news, but no surprising news for fans of HBO’s Girls. First, season four of the comedy series is returning this Sunday, so program your DVR (or dig up the HBO Go password that you totally didn’t steal). Second, HBO has already picked up Girls for a fifth season. According to The Hollywood Reporter, HBO’s Michael Lombardo made the announcement at the NYC Girls season four premiere screening.

A fifth season means that the girls of Girls will likely continue to make questionable career moves, navigate circular relationships and hook-ups, and brew large coffees at Cafe Grumpy. For those coldhearted souls who were hoping this season would end with Hannah waking up in Bob Newhart’s bed, or Girls being unceremoniously replaced with an Arli$$ reboot, your disappointment is palpable.

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