Newswire: There might also be a Flight Of The Conchords movie

It’s been six years since Flight Of The Conchords went off the air on HBO, taking with it a lot of songs about awkward man-children and their surprisingly deft and catchy melodies. In the meantime, the child-men in question have kept busy, with Bret McKenzie traipsing around Middle-Earth and winning an Oscar for his work on The Muppets, and Jemaine Clement continuing to work as an actor and occasional writer, recently releasing the popularly received What We Do In The Shadows.

Back in January, though, Clement hinted that the duo might reunite for a live tour, telling The Hollywood Reporter that they’d do it “later on in the year in the States.” At the time, Clement was promoting his new movie, People Places Things, at Sundance; he’s now doing the press junket for the movie’s wider release, and he’s dropped some hints that there might …

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