Newswire: There are two e’s in “Wookiee,” damn it: A message from The A.V. Club copy desk

It came to our attention last night that The Wrap, in an article about Disney’s purchase of the Star Wars franchise, wrote of somebody named “Hans Solo” and referred to The Force Awakens as a “reboot.” (The article has since been quietly corrected.)

We at The A.V. Club take our Star Wars seriously, and, like the LA Times, have a dedicated Star Wars section of our style guide. (Although we admire a major newspaper for taking Star Wars style seriously, we really have to ponder the article’s headline, which poses the question, “Is It Wookie Or Wookiee?” If you have to ask…) Our style guide does not have an entry for Han Solo, because everybody knows that already.

We started this special topic section within The A.V. Club‘s style guide when news of The Force Awakens reached a fever pitch several months ago and the …

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