Newswire: There are now competing movies about the murder of Emmett Till

Every few years, it seems, Hollywood sees the phenomenon of competing movies crop up. Within a week or two of each other, two different studios will announce that they want to make a movie about, say, talking bugs, or asteroids, or friends who like to bang, and then the race is on. It’s a natural part of the business cycle, as studio executives identify and act on popular trends, cultural obsessions, or, possibly, a close friend that they’d really like to sleep with. And now, it’s happened again, except that in this case, the story being doubled-down on isn’t about incompetent mall cops or hard-drinking country stars, but one of the 20th century’s most shocking and pivotal instances of racially motivated violence.

Skyland Pictures has announced that it’s producing a film based on Mamie Till-Mobley and David Barr III’s play The State Of …

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