Newswire: There are more (white) women starring in movies than ever before

Pretty much every year, we report on The Center For The Study Of Women In Television And Film‘s annual report on the representation of women in film, and every year, it proves to be a consistent highlight of the year’s most depressing reading material. The 2015 edition is no exception, highlighting Hollywood’s continued struggles with diversity even as it shows a slight uptick in the drive to get a group that makes up fully half of the U.S. population into starring roles in half its movies.

The study looked at the top 100 grossing films of 2015, finding, among other things, that only 22 percent of them had female protagonists. (Men, meanwhile, were 52 percent, while the other 26 percent were ensemble casts.) That’s actually an improvement from 2014, which was a low point for this particular metric, and a growth of 6 percent since …

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