Newswire: Theater owners secure William Castle’s legacy with vibrating seats, indoor snow

Like the movie industry of the 1950s, which developed big-screen flourishes like 3-D and CinemaScope out of fear that TV would make moviegoing obsolete, the movie industry of the 2010s is likewise shitting itself with fear of being replaced by streaming services like Netflix. (To be fair, Netflix does appear to be coming for it.) So it was inevitable that in this, their time of need, theater owners would be vulnerable to hucksters operating in the mold of legendary showman William Castle. Castle was famous for his movie-theater gimmicks like “Percepto,” which literally shocked viewers with joy buzzers installed underneath their seats during screenings of The Tingler.

First among these is AMC Theatres. After sitting through a flashy presentation we assume involved silk scarves and a man in a pork pie hat, AMC is introducing what it calls AMC Prime, a “premium cinema offering” that will offer enhanced Dolby Atmos …

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