Newswire: The Zoolander 2 trailer was out on the internet for a second

The hype machine for the upcoming Zoolander 2 has been revving up for a while now, starting with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson’s in-character runway appearance at Fashion Week this year, and continuing in the form of a variety of casting announcements ranging from “interesting” to “Justin Bieber.” But even a finely oiled machine hiccups sometimes, and the promotional push behind the Justin Theroux-directed movie glitched a little bit last night, when a teaser trailer for the sequel slipped online for a bit.

The video was quickly pulled—although not quickly enough, given that there are multiple copies of it floating around for the Google-savvy to snag—but focused on a little bait-and-switch, with a Stephen Hawking-esque voice waxing worshipful over the wonders of the human brain, before the camera pulled out to show that the undersized encephalon in question belongs to one D. Zoolander (Ben Stiler, still wide …

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