Newswire: The Xenomorph’s predecessors get a new name in Alien: Covenant

During a recent interview with BBC Radio 2, Prometheus and Alien: Covenant star Michael Fassbender told a story about the first time he saw the original Alien. That on its own isn’t especially interesting, but what is interesting is that Fassbender referred to the monster in the movie as a “Neomorph,” not a Xenomorph—the official name for the thing. This has caused people to theorize that the monsters in the upcoming Alien: Covenant will be called Neomorphs, setting them apart from the traditional Xenomorphs we know and love. However, they don’t generally call the things Xenomorphs in the movies and Fassbender is far too handsome to spend time obsessing over the details of the Alien expanded universe (even if he is part of it), so there’s a very good chance he was just confused.

That being said, the hardcore fans at Aliens Vs. Predator Galaxy believe …

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