Newswire: The Writers Guild thought Spotlight and Mad Men had the best writing of the year

The Writers Guild of America’s annual awards ceremony is an interesting beast. Unlike the other guilds and their awards, it’s difficult to impress the WGA with a dramatic performance or a clever camera angle because the organization is only concerned with quality writing. A man getting attacked by a bear might look really exciting, but “man gets attacked by bear” doesn’t really pop off the page in a thrilling way—which is why the WGA broke from the trend and decided to largely ignore The Revenant.

With one of the biggest Oscar-hype machines excluded, the WGA instead awarded Spotlight and The Big Short, giving them Best Original Screenplay and Best Adapted Screenplay (respectively). On the TV side, Mad Men grabbed one last award for Best Drama Series, HBO’s Veep won for Best Comedy Series, and Mr. Robot won for Best New Series. Finally, the WGA also …

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