Newswire: The Writers Guild really liked Moonlight and Atlanta

With the Academy Awards next week, all of the smaller organizations are giving out as many trophies as they can before returning to their relative irrelevance. Tonight it’s the Writers Guild Association Awards, which highlights the best writing in TV, movies, and video games, and though the big winners in the movie-related categories don’t necessarily foreshadow what will happen next Sunday, at least La La Land was only eligible for the one prizeā€”a prize that it did not end up winning, with Best Original Screenplay going to Moonlight instead.

For the other movie awards, Arrival won Best Adapted Screenplay and Command And Control won Best Documentary screenplay. It was a good night for Atlanta on the TV side of things, with Donald Glover’s baby picking up Best Comedy Series and Best New Series. Elsewhere, The Americans won Best Drama Series and Saturday Night Live won for …

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