Newswire: The Writers Guild also liked Boyhood, thought Guardians Of The Galaxy was fun

With the Screen Actors Guild and Producer’s Guild nominations already in, the Writers Guild of America has released its list of nominees for the WGA awards. (The Directors Guild has yet to release its list of 2015 nominees, which is fitting because it’ll probably scrap most of what the writers did anyway.) In defiance of its better looking and more moneyed colleagues, the WGA failed to nominate Actor and Producer favorite Birdman in the Best Original Screenplay category, while also reasserting its opinion that Whiplash is an original screenplay, not an adapted one. (Hollywood infighting: feel the excitement!) The Adapted Screenplay category was similarly irreverent, marking one of the few times you’re going to see Guardians Of The Galaxy nominated for anything besides a technical award this season. Boyhood and The Grand Budapest Hotel, on the other hand, are becoming increasingly safe bets for your Oscar pool …

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