Newswire: The writer behind The Guest is making a horror movie about Japanese temples

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Colin Minihan and Stuart Ortiz (Grave Encounters) have been hired to direct Temple, a new “horror-thriller” from Simon Barrett, the writer behind the well-received horror-thriller The Guest. Temple will be based on a fictional haunted temple in Japan, but the filmmakers will be putting out a tie-in book featuring ghost stories related to actual “haunted” temples. The book will also contain a chapter dedicated to the one from the movie, probably to trick people into thinking the movie is a Blair Witch-style “true story.” On top of that, Toei animation will be creating a 15-part anime series based on the book, and the book itself will be featured in the movie. So all of this sounds like a complicated scheme to get people to buy a book, which could even be the setup for a horror movie on its own. Maybe the book is …

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