Newswire: The Wonder Woman movie already has a new director

Earlier this week, director Michelle MacLaren dropped out of Warner Bros.’ Wonder Woman movie over unspecified “creative differences.” This seemed like a huge blow to DC’s fledgling Justice League movie universe, since MacLaren is a veteran of Game Of Thrones and Breaking Bad and she would’ve brought a lot of sci-fi/fantasy cred to the project—not to mention the fact that MacLaren would’ve been the first woman to direct a superhero tentpole movie.

Well, now Patty Jenkins will be the one receiving that honor, because The Hollywood Reporter says she has just been chosen as the new Wonder Woman director. Jenkins’ résumé isn’t as badass as MacLaren’s, but she did direct the pilot of The Killing, an episode of Arrested Development, and the 2003 film Monster (which earned Charlize Theron an Oscar). Also, coincidentally, she was supposed to direct the Thor sequel for Marvel …

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