Newswire: The Wolf Of Wall Street tops the list of 2014’s most pirated films

The list of most pirated films of 2014 is in, courtesy of Variety. Topping the list are The Wolf Of Wall Street and Frozen, each with about 30 million torrent downloads for the year. And while the internet made a big deal about Leonardo DiCaprio making a sad face when Matthew McConaughey’s name was read for the Best Actor Oscar, Dallas Buyer’s Club didn’t even make the list. So even if the Academy didn’t give DiCaprio the Oscar for The Wolf Of Wall Street, he can take solace in the fact that not that many people wanted to watch McConaughey lose an award-winning amount of weight, even if they could do it for free.

In compiling the list, piracy-tracking firm Excipio clarified that Robocop’s third-place ranking deserves a big fat asterisk. Specifically, Excipio points out that of the 29 million downloads of Robocop, a number …

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