Newswire: The Winds Of Winter is coming next year, maybe

“Winter is coming” are the famous words of House Stark, a grim reminder of what awaits an unsuspecting Westeros. They’ve also probably become a regular catchphrase for A Song Of Ice And Fire‘s author, George R.R. Martin. As in, “Yes, The Winds Of Winter is coming,” GRMM’s reminder that a hypothetical book awaits not only his publisher, but the HBO executives who won’t let him write any more episodes, the fans who won’t leave him alone, and presumably celebrity death pool bookmakers trying to figure out the over/under on the series being finished.

Now it appears those words can be clarified with a date…possibly. The Daily Dot reports that Alejo Cuervo, an editor who works for the Spanish-language publisher of ASOIAF, has gone on record as saying that The Winds Of Winter will be released next year:

Radio Host: The sixth book …

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