Newswire: The White Queen to be succeeded by The White Princess on Starz

In a move that was no doubt inspired by Henry VII, Starz has decided to forego any battles among producers and named The White Princess the next program in its line of historical dramas set during the War Of The Roses. Variety reports that the pay-cable network has green-lit the the sequel series, which will pick up after the events of 2013’s The White Queen. The miniseries averaged five million American viewers, so Starz is eager to move forward with the sequel, citing the “dearth of programming that tells women’s stories,” and declaring that “we are confident The White Princess will become the next must-see fandom drama series.”

The White Queen starred Rebecca Ferguson (Mission: Impossible—Rogue Nation) as Elizabeth Woodville, the eponymous character and queen of England, whose daughter, Elizabeth Of York, would later help Henry VII found the Tudor dynasty and establish the line of succession …

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