Newswire: The “Where’s The Beef?” lady is getting her own musical

Clara Peller, a.k.a. the “Where’s The Beef?” lady, is a cultural icon on the level of Spuds McKenzie in that she was briefly successful enough to be the subject of a novelty T-shirt that someone who has no idea who she was (Peller died in 1987) is wearing ironically right now. But because anything is possible in a post-Duck Dynasty musical world, Peller’s daughter is attempting to give her mother and her famous catchphrase new relevance with a musical about Peller’s life and meteoric rise to hamburger-based fame.

Called Clara And The Beef, the musical was written by Peller’s daughter Marlene Necheles along with Geoff Shell, a musician who unsurprisingly also runs something called Rad Universe, ”a retro community/brand/label rooted in ’80s & ’90s nostalgia.” No performances of the show have been scheduled as of yet, and The Columbus Dispatch says …

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