Newswire: The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan to star in spooky doll movie

Fresh off of a stretch of Walking Dead episodes in which she never ever seemed concerned that her character’s sister had gone missing, Lauren Cohan has signed on to star in a movie about other people who handle grief in an unusual way. Titled The Boy, The Hollywood Reporter says it’s about a husband and wife who hire a nanny (that’s Cohan) to watch over their son. Only, their real son died, and they have a lifelike doll that they pretend is their son.

This is a horror movie, though, so it most likely doesn’t turn into a heartwarming/excessively quirky Ryan Gosling flick. All THR says is that Cohan “becomes increasingly convinced that [the doll] is alive,” but we assume there are some steps missing in there. Maybe creepy things start happening around the doll that can’t be explained, and then maybe it turns …

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