Newswire: The Voice producers to Dance, Dance, Dance a new show into our hearts

Five years ago, who would have thought that we needed another singing competition show to muscle its way onto network television’s already crowded stage? Netherlands’ Talpa Media, that’s who, and the company defied a saturated market to make The Voice America’s highest-rated singing competition show. Given that program’s success, Deadline‘s report that Talpa is looking to branch out into other genres is hardly surprising.

Excited Haruki Murakami fans who skimmed the title and quickly clicked into this article should take a deep breath, pour themselves a double of Cutty Sark, and sit down. Dance, Dance, Dance is not a serialized television adaptation following the adventures of an aimless Tokyo thirtysomething who solves sensual, hotel-themed mysteries, while being visited by a speed-talking, sheep-costumed ghost known only as “the Rat.” Although now that we’re talking about it, that seems like really low-hanging fruit. Get on that …

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