Newswire: The very perceptive Aaron Sorkin just realized Hollywood has a diversity problem

In a display of surprisingly extensive ignorance, Aaron Sorkin apparently just realized that Hollywood has an issue with diversity. According to Variety, Sorkin was on a panel during the Writers Guild Festival in Los Angeles on Saturday, and he seemed legitimately surprised that not only would someone think women and minorities have a harder time in the movie industry than white men do, but that white men would be allowed to make “mediocre movies” and continue getting work. It would be one thing if he were a dick who simply rejected the idea that white men have advantages that other people don’t, but in the quotes that Variety shares, he really sounds like someone who simply never realized that this was a thing.

Sorkin says that up until now he has always believed that Hollywood is “a genuine meritocracy,” meaning that the people who do good work—and only …

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