Newswire: The Turkish goverment wants to ban Minecraft

Answering the question, “Won’t somebody please think of the children?,” Turkey may be the first country to ban Minecraft, the popular kid-pacification program enjoyed by parents and block-punching enthusiasts worldwide. The country’s Family and Social Policies Ministry, which has spent the last month investigating the Microsoft-owned game, released a report this week that called for Minecraft to be banned based on its violent content.

Minecraft’s gameplay is notably varied; it ranges from players punching blocks to gather wood, to players punching blocks to gather ore, to players telling their parents long, boring dinner-table stories about all that block-punching they just did. It also includes fighting monsters to protect those precious blocks, and it’s this behavior that has drawn the ire of the ministry, which concluded that, ultimately, “the game is based on violence.” The report expressed concerns that children would emulate Minecraft‘s pixelated brutality, sneaking …

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