Newswire: The Trump Organization owns TrumpIsFired and

Online brand protection is an important part of any big corporation’s strategic playbook these days; after all, you don’t want your critics or rivals to be able to post scathing takedowns at “” Still, most big brands aren’t also intimately tied to one of the most divisive political figures in recent memory, so it’s kind of fascinating to see the sorts of preemptive URL insults Donald Trump and the Trump Organization have staked a claim on over the years, including TrumpIsFired and

This is per Politico, which notes that the Trump Organization renewed hundreds of unused domain names last year, just a few weeks before its then-leader became the official Republican nominee for president. Some of these are the usual sites for Trump’s various properties, or possible future prospects like the ominous or TrumpOnIce. (To say nothing of the dozens …

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