Newswire: The Trump administration continues its war on net neutrality

Because it’s 2017, and nothing can just stay god-damned fixed anymore, it looks like the hard-won fight for net neutrality is about to be reignited and potentially overturned. The New York Times reports that FCC chairman Ajit Pai—who was appointed to the commission’s head spot earlier this year by President Donald Trump—has outlined his long-promised plan to overturn the rules regarding internet data usage that were put in place under the Obama administration in 2015.

In case you’ve forgotten what net neutrality was—having prematurely filed it away in the tiny “solved” drawer where you keep the world’s problems that have actually been satisfactorily resolved—it’s basically the idea that internet providers have to treat all data the same, regardless of who’s creating it. (The usual nightmare scenario being a company like Comcast throttling back Netflix’s network speeds to squeeze out …

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