Newswire: The Trump administration apparently can’t spell “White House” now

The Trump administration’s tenuous grasp on key concepts like “how government works” and “how to tell the truth” have been a reliable source of entertainment/horror ever since he took office, but one recurring foible that Donald Trump and his people just can’t seem to get a handle on is spelling. In February, we reported that famous school-hater Betsy DeVos’ Department Of Education had tweeted out a quote from W.E.B. Du Bois that spelled his name wrong, while the Library Of Congress released a poster honoring Trump’s inauguration that also had a glaring typo. The mistakes continued after that, with Trump himself attempting to spell the word “hereby” over and over and over again instead of just looking it up or asking Steve Bannon to type it for him.

Now, in yet another entertaining/horrifying development, the Trump White House has proven that it even …

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