Newswire: The trailer for Sausage Party crashed a screening of Finding Dory

Whoops—before a screening of Finding Dory earlier this month, a California movie theater accidentally ran a trailer for Seth Rogen’s upcoming R-rated animated film Sausage Party. For those who haven’t seen the Sausage Party trailer, it starts out like a whimsical kids movie about anthropomorphized food only to devolve into a horror comedy about humans torturing and killing (a.k.a. cooking) the innocent foods who only want to be their friends. “They’re eating children!” one hot dog shrieks in horror as a lady munches on some baby carrots. The whole thing is basically a gruesome Pixar parody that specifically tries to shock its audience with unexpected violence.

So, yes, not the best material to show to a bunch of kids waiting to see a lighthearted film about a funny fish. Theatergoers understandably complained and the theater’s vice president of operations issued a heartfelt apology …

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